Seminar - Rapprochement - from message to propaganda

Dear all, 

We are kindly inviting you to take part in the Seminar "Rapprochement - from message to propaganda"

Seminar's language: english 
Enterence: open, free
Place: Academy of art in Szczecin, Theater 
Discussion host: Karolina Zawiślak 


Signs and symbols are influencing peoples' subconscious. This pratice can be used in many ways from directing the movement, to attacking innocent people. Traffic signs, with their shapes and colors tell our subcocious to stop, to be careful or to be ready for the threat. Posters, companies logos and advertisements role is to attract our attention. But certain symbols and graphics can summon hatered, fear and will to fight. These were, and still are used in a political propaganda. Knowing that symbols and graphics can evoke strong feelings in people, especially connected with their culture and nationality, gives empowerment, that can be dangerous for the whole nation. On the seminar we will talk about role of symbolism in the past and modern propaganda.

The main task of the seminarians will be to answer the question whether certain shapes and colors influence negative emotions in our subconscious. Seminarians will work on examples of symbols related to national history and political groups from all of the countries, which participate in TICASS project, to discuss and, above all, to compare, what in these symbols evokes extreme emotions. The seminarians will further explore whether the symbolism is simmilar in every country.